Practical provisions for commercial leases in light of changing times

Managing Partner Robert M. Steeg and Partner Margaret V. Glass are co-authors of an “Attorney Analysis” real estate column for Reuters Legal News. Their article, “Practical provisions for commercial leases … More»

Beware the Person Who Uses a Power of Attorney in Their Own Self Interest

A recent case, Richland State Bank v. Benny L. Depingre et al, is a cautionary tale for lenders and anyone else who relies on a power of attorney: powers of attorney … More»

Increased Flood Risk in Southeastern Louisiana: Consequences and Opportunities

A new study by the engineering firm Arup and the non-profit First Street Foundation contains important predictions about flooding that are of particular importance to real estate development in Southeastern … More»

Be Careful What You Do in Addition to What You Sign: How Conduct Can Confirm an Agreement in the Absence of a Signature

In the recent case of Harp v. Bryan (consolidated with Wade v. Bryan and Lewis v. Bryan), decided by the Louisiana Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, it seems … More»

Servitudes Need Extra Care, but the Survey is Key

A recent case cited by the Louisiana Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit reveals several important things about servitudes. Why are servitudes important at all? They are a very … More»

Changes and Trends in Real Estate Due to COVID-19

As it has in virtually every aspect of our lives, Covid-19 has drastically accelerated trends in the field of real estate that were emerging slowly before the pandemic, and has … More»

Why You Should Be Glad Your Lawyer Is a Stickler for Details

Lawyers, transactional lawyers in particular, are sometimes criticized for being too picky and for paying too much attention to the little things. In his song, “The End of the Innocence,” … More»

Coming Full Circle at McDonogh 19

A recent presentation by ULI Louisiana highlighted the intersection between civil rights, affordable housing, and community real estate development. The story starts sixty years ago, on November 14, 1960. Some … More»

Legal Issues In Real Estate During Covid-19: A Q&A With Robert Steeg

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Force Majeure In Today’s World

The legal concept of “force majeure” has vaulted from near-obscurity to intense scrutiny, all due to the novel coronavirus. Here is a general outline of how it applies to leases, … More»

Unique Urban Developments

At the most recent meeting of the Louisiana chapter of the Urban Land Institute, two back-to-back presentations highlighted how “new urbanism” can transform huge (over 1,000,000 square feet) buildings into … More»

Written Servitudes Must be Clear

Servitudes are making their way lately into quite a few cases being decided by the appeals courts of Louisiana. I recently wrote an article, “Apparent Servitudes: When Purchasing Property, Take … More»

Glimpses of the Future of Real Estate

By Robert Steeg I recently returned from a national conference of title insurance agents. The agenda included traditional, technical topics like underwriting standards and title insurance claims—very helpful, even if … More»

How to Lose a Right-Of-Way (Servitude) or Avoid Doing So

A recent case, Clement v. Menard, illustrates the pitfalls to be avoided so that a person enjoying a right-of-way (servitude) over adjoining property does not inadvertently lose those rights. It … More»

Are Your Real Estate Documents Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season begins on June 1. With reminders like Hurricanes Michael and Katrina fresh in our minds, many of us will begin to review steps for hurricane preparedness in our … More»

An Ever-changing Retail Landscape Finds Another Use: Office Space

If you ask 10 real estate professionals about the future of retail real estate, you’ll get 10 different answers (maybe 12 if some brokers are in that group). The answer … More»

Tulane to Offer MBA, Master’s Degree in Sustainable Real Estate

Real estate development today is about a whole lot more than location, location, location. Perhaps Millennials started it, but everyone is now on board. Commercial and residential tenants alike want … More»

Apparent Servitudes: When Purchasing Property, Take Note Of What You See

A recent case, Naramore v. Aikman, decided by the Louisiana Court of Appeal for the First Circuit demonstrates some established but little known principles of Louisiana law that every person … More»

Belts and Suspenders for Landlords, but the Tenant Can Still Cause the Pants to Fall

In a recent case decided by the Louisiana Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which has jurisdiction over Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, a landlord put into its lease all of … More»

Two Websites Where You Can Access Real Estate Data

By Robert Steeg   I recently ran across an article in Forbes, “Urban America Just Got A Trove Of New Real Estate Data,” that may be of interest to homebuilders, … More»

New Orleans CityBusiness Publishes Robert Steeg’s Article on Hurricane Preparedness for Commercial Real Estate Agreements

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Pssst! Wanna See the Future of Real Estate? Here’s a Peek…

By Robert M. Steeg I just returned from the 2018 Advanced Commercial Leasing Institute at Georgetown Law School. This two-day intensive seminar is an invitation-only program for 140 attorneys from … More»

Small Case, Important Principles For Written Agreements

A relatively small case, recently decided by the Louisiana state Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit illustrates two important principles: First, a court will often find a way to … More»

Report on “Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2018”

By Robert Steeg I recently attended the “9th Annual What’s Really Going On & Emerging Trends in Real Estate”  conference sponsored by PWC and the Urban Land Institute. PWC annually conducts … More»

Commercial Real Estate Lessons from Near Miss Hurricanes

By Robert Steeg Those of us in southeast Louisiana are well able to empathize and understand what Houston is going through after Hurricane Harvey. Our own near miss with Hurricane … More»

The Continuous Re-Invention of Retail Real Estate

By Robert M. Steeg Every week, we are bombarded with stories about the death – or at least the deterioration and restriction – of retail real estate. Shoppers are staying … More»

In a Purchase Agreement, Words Matter—A Lot

By Robert M. Steeg When your attorney is poring over every word of a purchase agreement that you are about to enter into, and you are getting frustrated with the … More»

Robert Steeg Reports on Timely Issues in Commercial Leasing Today

Managing partner Robert Steeg recently attended the invitation-only Advanced Commercial Leasing Institute (ACLI) at Georgetown Law School. The annual ACLI program, which was held April 19-21, 2017, brings together 150 … More»

Some Tips on Section 1031 Exchanges

By Robert Steeg Many property owners are generally familiar with the idea of deferring the taxable gain on the sale of real estate by applying the proceeds of the sale … More»

Case Alert: Can You Sue (Or Be Sued By) Someone You Didn’t Have a Direct Contract With?

By Robert M. Steeg When a business transaction goes bad, can the person who has suffered a loss sue other persons involved in the transaction even though the injured person … More»

Property Owners, Managers and Landlords: Are You Exposed to Premises Liability for Third-Party Acts?

By Robert Steeg The following article “Are Your Clients Exposed to Premises Liability for Third-Party Criminal Acts? A Top-10 List to Reduce Risks” by Norman W. Gutmacher appeared in Probate & Property … More»

Louisiana Dominates the Southeast in Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Projects

By Robert M. Steeg If you are tired of hearing about how Louisiana ranks at or near the bottom of various categories of social and financial programs, you will be … More»

Demystifying Tax Sales for Investors

By Robert M. Steeg For investors, depending upon your point of view, tax sales are a) a cheap way to acquire good real estate, b) a good way to get … More»

News You Need to Know: New Disclosure Rules for Mortgages

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Reflections on the 10-year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

By Robert M. Steeg As a firm devoted exclusively to real estate and business law, our work is intricately tied to the direction and future of New Orleans. When New … More»

Case Alert: Good News for Real Estate Agents, but Caution for Buyers

By Robert M. Steeg In this article, Managing Partner, Robert M. Steeg, clarifies Rabalais v. Gray, a new case that was decided by the Louisiana Appellate Court having jurisdiction over … More»

New Court Ruling Alert: Owner of an LLC May Be Found Personally Liable for Company Obligations

By Robert M. Steeg Managing Partner, Robert M. Steeg, clarifies a new court ruling by the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals that establishes the owner of an LLC may … More»

New Orleans “Food Deserts” Present Development Opportunities and Financing Options

By Robert M. Steeg Some developers are taking advantage of a unique opportunity in New Orleans to develop fresh-food retailers in “food deserts,” areas that have little or no options … More»

Historic and New Markets Tax Credits – The Basics

By Robert Steeg With an abundance of historic properties throughout the city and dilapidated properties and parcels of land in low-income neighborhoods ripe for rehabilitation, many developers in New Orleans … More»

Robert M. Steeg Interviewed for article, “Tips to Negotiate a Favorable Lease for Your Business”

Managing Partner, Robert M. Steeg, was recently interviewed for an article, “Tips to Negotiate a Favorable Lease for Your Business, that was published on LowesForPros,” Lowes’ website that provides the … More»

The Unexpected Consequences of Memorandum of Lease for Landlords and Tenants

By Robert M. Steeg According to Managing Partner, Robert M. Steeg, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the recordation of a Memorandum of Lease has very significant consequences … More»

Owner of an LLC May Be Found Personally Liable for Company Obligations

By Robert M. Steeg Managing Partner, Robert M. Steeg, clarifies a new court ruling by the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals that establishes the owner of an LLC may … More»