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A Pillar in the New Orleans Community

Founding Partner, Moise S. Steeg, Jr., was a respected leader in the New Orleans community, receiving many major civic honors, including the Mayor’s Award for Lifetime Services to the Arts in the Community and the New Orleans Times-Picayune Loving Cup Man of the Year Award. Our attorneys and entire staff continue to follow his lead, serving on the Boards of civic and non-profit organizations, providing a variety of pro bono legal counsel, and volunteering in the community.

Community Spotlight: Preservation Resource Center

Steeg Law is happy to shine the community spotlight on the Preservation Resource Center (PRC), which is celebrating 50 years of preserving New Orleans’ architecture and neighborhoods.

This milestone is especially significant for partner Randy Opowtowsky, who has been a longtime supporter of the PRC. He has chaired the PRC’s Operation Comeback Property Advisory Committee since the early 2000’s, was President of the PRC when Hurricane Katrina occurred, and has served as a Past Vice President, Past Treasurer and Past Secretary.

“The PRC works in many ways to create awareness and assist property owners throughout the city,” says Randy. “I believe that restoration of historic buildings is one of the most important things we can do for our economy here in New Orleans. I encourage everyone to learn more about the Preservation Resource Center.”

PRC at 50

PRC was founded in 1974 by passionate advocates who wanted to protect New Orleans’ historic buildings and neighborhoods. The May issue of PRC’s Preservation in Print magazine had a wonderful article by Danielle Del Sol, reflecting on the last 50 years and the major achievements of the organization. As noted in the article:

The PRC’s significance to New Orleans could not be more profound. As the late Edgar “Dookie” Chase, Jr., former PRC Board President, wrote in 2014, “The PRC has been a bedrock guide reminding us of why we should cherish our unique civilization, and of what we might lose of ourselves if we so easily surrender our core identity.”

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