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Steeg Law attorneys go beyond being counselors for hire, to provide high quality legal services that anticipate the unexpected and protect our clients’ financial interests. Please contact one of our attorneys to discuss your legal matter.

Emergency Contact for the Administrator

Kyla Ray | | Mobile 504.301.7860

Residential Real Estate Closing Paralegal 

Stacey Martinez | | Direct Dial 504.582.1251 | Mobile  504.228.8367


Lillian E. Eyrich, Senior Associate
Title Law/Title Insurance | Office 504.582.1199 |
David A. Martinez, Senior Associate
Title Law/Title Insurance/Purchase and Sale/Real Estate Financing | Mobile 504.228.1516 | Direct Dial 504.582.1224 |
Henry Opotowsky, Associate
Commercial and Residential Real Estate/Condominiums/Development/Leases/Estate Planning | Office 504.582.1199 |
Randy Opotowsky, Partner
Condominium Law/Development, Zoning and Land Use/Real Estate Financing/Residential Real Estate | Mobile 504.450.3658 | Direct Dial 504.582.1241 |
F. Paul Simoneaux, Partner
Commercial Real Estate/Banking and Finance/Business Entities/Tax Credits | Office 504.582.1199 |
Robert M. Steeg, Managing Partner
Commercial Real Estate/Development, Zoning and Land Use/Leases/Property Administration/Real Estate Financing | Mobile 504.875.6171 | Direct Dial 504.582.1245 |
Charles L. Stern, Jr., Partner
Commercial Litigation/Bankruptcy Litigation/Bet-the-Company Litigation/Real Estate Litigation/Title Insurance Litigation | Mobile 504.292.1801 | Direct Dial 504.582.1248 |
Richard L. Traina, Associate
Commercial Litigation/Bet-the-Company Litigation/Real Estate Litigation/Title Insurance Litigation | Office 504.582.1199 |