This past holiday season, Steeg Law continued the firm’s annual tradition of participation in Catholic Charities “Adopt a Family,” a gift-giving program to help families in need.

Jan LeBlanc, who is a paralegal at Steeg Law, has organized the firm’s participation for 16 years. “Our efforts on behalf of needy families during the holiday season has become a part of our identity. We have found that Catholic Charities is well practiced in assisting persons and families in need on a daily basis, 365 days a year. They are set up in such a way that it makes it easy for a group like ours to participate.”

This year Steeg Law adopted a family of three, headed by a single mother, who is attending classes, and her six year old and two year old. All participating staff members selected a family member to “adopt” and penciled in their purchases to avoid duplication and insure each family member was well and equally taken care of.

As is the firm’s custom, everyone assembled in the conference room to wrap and label the gifts. “We were able to raise $720 which we used to purchase gift cards to Walmart and Walgreens. We purchased clothes shoes, clothes and toys for the kids. Mom received a crock pot, a hand bag, clothing, lotions and bath products. Once all everything was packaged for delivery, we had eight large lawn bags overflowing with wrapped gifts.”

Upon delivery to the Catholic Charities offices, Jan was told by one of the coordinators that she believes Steeg Law to be one of the longest, continually participating partners in the program.

Learn how you or your company can take part in the “Adopt a Family” program by clicking here.

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