The inaugural edition of the New Orleans 500 is a collection of profiles of the city’s influential, involved and inspiring business leaders. Managing Partner, Robert M. Steeg was included in this new annual publication from Biz New Orleans magazine that features profiles of the business leaders who are driving the greater New Orleans economy today and making decisions that will shape the region’s future.

Once a month, Biz New Orleans sends an email survey to all the leaders on the New Orleans 500 list to collect data and insights about topics important to the business community. Rob is quoted in the latest report in that series, “In the Path of Wind and Rain, N.O. Businesses Rely on the Cloud.”

As noted in Biz New Orleans:

“March 2020 was the beginning of the great remote work experiment for businesses worldwide. The pandemic forced many organizations in New Orleans and elsewhere to learn how to get the job done even though their employees weren’t able to gather at a workplace every day. Notably, the business practices that many New Orleans companies and organizations have developed over the course of that global health crisis have proved to be useful during hurricane season.”

Robert Steeg of Steeg Law said his firm has similar tools and systems in place. A big part of storm preparation, though, is making sure everything is running smoothly.”

“[Our plan includes] checking on the back-up server/cloud service to make sure it is operating properly; distributing contact lists, vendor information and banking information to make it all handy in case we all end up working out of town; confirming the office call tree and messaging system for distribution of firm information and instructions; and placement of key hard-copy assets where they can be located and taken away on short notice,” he said.

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