Just in time for Halloween, the real estate company, Trulia, has released a new study about how the proximity of a home to a cemetery increases or decreases it value, depending on the city in which it is located. 

We were not surprised to learn that in New Orleans, where our above-ground cemeteries are attractions for tourists who want to see the final resting places of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and musicians like Ernie K. Doe, homes within a quarter mile of a graveyard are worth 6.9 percent more than those further away. 

As noted in the study:

“While you might think that homes near a cemetery, funeral home, or mortuary are less desirable, in some metros, these spooky spots are actually pretty good at scaring up home values. Residents in areas with centuries of history, like New Orleans or Philadelphia, appear to be more comfortable living in close quarters with the dead – or are at least comfortable in the fact that they may have no choice. In these areas, houses within a quarter mile of undertaking establishments have higher home values than those farther away, even after controlling for home attributes like number of bedrooms and square footage. New Orleans’ Garden District features some of the city’s most iconic mansions, as well as the historic, 19th century Lafayette Cemetery.”

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