Steeg Law is delighted to shine the community spotlight on Agenda for Children and the School Readiness Tax Credit program.

Agenda for Children has been a champion for Louisiana’s children for more than 35 years. The organization works with officials at all levels of government to advocate for policies and programs that support Louisiana’s children, their families, and early child care providers.

As a long-time sponsor of Agenda for Children, we would like to make you aware of a unique program to consider for your end of the year giving, the School Readiness Tax Credit. Businesses with a Louisiana Tax ID are eligible to receive a 100% refundable state tax credit up to $5,000 for contributions to Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (CCR&Rs), including Agenda for Children.

As Managing Partner Robert Steeg says about the School Readiness Tax Credit, “There’s no down-side and a huge up-side. You get every penny back. Instead of giving your money to the government you can direct it to a worthwhile charity, helping both our economy and the children of our State.”

A WIN for Your Business

This tax credit is part of a package of School Readiness Tax Credits (SRTCs) that was passed in 2007 to support quality child care and education. (La. Rev. Stat. § 47:6107)

You can take the credit against individual income tax, corporation income tax, or corporation franchise tax on your Louisiana State taxes. You can keep your state tax dollars local by designating that your donation fund child care centers in your parish.

The process couldn’t be easier. Submit a contribution form and Agenda for Children, a CCR&R for 12 parishes in Southeast Louisiana, will email you a receipt and verification letter.

Donate to Agenda for Children>>

A WIN for Our Economy

Every dollar invested in early care and education has a $16 rate of return to society. Invest your tax liability in the School Readiness Tax Credit and Louisiana will reap dividends for generations to come.

Your investment will pay immediate dividends, too. Because of the challenges of the pandemic, child care centers need additional funding to remain open, critical for keeping parents in the workforce and our continued economic recovery.

A WIN for Louisiana’s Children

Study after study proves that a high quality early childhood education–from birth to age five–is a critical element in determining how successful a child and our society as a whole will be in the years to come.

Children build upon early skills development, and there is a lasting, positive impact on employment, lifetime earnings, college attendance, and health.

The Need is Urgent

Agenda for Children led the COVID-19 response for 500+ child care centers in Southeast Louisiana. With your business’ donation, we will continue to provide centers with PPE and grants for operating funds, scholarships for children, COVID-19 testing for teachers and more.

Donate to Agenda for Children>>

The School Readiness Tax Credit is a WIN WIN WIN

One of the best investments you can make for your business, Louisiana’s children, and our community, is to donate to the School Readiness Tax Credit program. Need more information?

Download the Agenda for Children School Readiness Tax Credit brochure>>

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