Effective May 24, 2021

Steeg Law Staff Policy for Masks and Social Distancing

All Steeg Law staff members are fully vaccinated and are no longer required to wear masks or maintain social distancing while inside the firm’s office. However, any firm staff member should feel free to continue wearing a mask or practicing social distancing while inside the office if they prefer.

Steeg Law Guest Policy for Masks and Social Distancing

Anyone visiting the Steeg Law offices will be asked to wear a mask and maintain social distancing unless they have confirmed with the Steeg Law staff member who invited them that they are fully vaccinated. Upon entering the reception area, you will be required to fill out the firm’s COVID Questionnaire. Once inside a conference room or the office of the attorney with whom you are meeting, then it is up to the persons in that room whether you will need to continue wearing your mask.

Guests are not allowed to be in any other common areas of the office such as the mail room or the copy rooms.