Steeg Law: Recent Transactions and Cases

Steeg Law attorneys are known for being able to handle unique and difficult real estate issues for virtually any type of property and have been involved in precedent-setting business litigation … More»

2022 Louisiana Legislative Update: New Laws That Affect Your Business

The 2022 Louisiana Legislative Session convened on March 14, 2022 and closed on June 6, 2022. Important legislation from the session includes new business incentives, new rules for property owners … More»

COVID-19: The Impact On Real Estate, Commercial Litigation And Title Insurance

The coronavirus is having an impact on the different legal subject areas that Steeg Law handles. To help keep our clients and friends informed on how COVID-19 could affect you … More»

Written Servitudes Must be Clear

Servitudes are making their way lately into quite a few cases being decided by the appeals courts of Louisiana. I recently wrote an article, “Apparent Servitudes: When Purchasing Property, Take … More»

How to Lose a Right-Of-Way (Servitude) or Avoid Doing So

A recent case, Clement v. Menard, illustrates the pitfalls to be avoided so that a person enjoying a right-of-way (servitude) over adjoining property does not inadvertently lose those rights. It … More»

Apparent Servitudes: When Purchasing Property, Take Note Of What You See

A recent case, Naramore v. Aikman, decided by the Louisiana Court of Appeal for the First Circuit demonstrates some established but little known principles of Louisiana law that every person … More»

Commercial Real Estate Lessons from Near Miss Hurricanes

By Robert Steeg Those of us in southeast Louisiana are well able to empathize and understand what Houston is going through after Hurricane Harvey. Our own near miss with Hurricane … More»

The Continuous Re-Invention of Retail Real Estate

By Robert M. Steeg Every week, we are bombarded with stories about the death – or at least the deterioration and restriction – of retail real estate. Shoppers are staying … More»

Property Owners, Managers and Landlords: Are You Exposed to Premises Liability for Third-Party Acts?

By Robert Steeg The following article “Are Your Clients Exposed to Premises Liability for Third-Party Criminal Acts? A Top-10 List to Reduce Risks” by Norman W. Gutmacher appeared in Probate & Property … More»

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