Establishing Servitudes: The Hard Way and The Easy Way

Servitudes are tricky things. They are even more tricky when they exist between family members. They are even more tricky when they exist between brothers, where the brothers have divided … More»

Louisiana Historic Tax Credits: 2023 Legislative Update

During the 2023 regular session, the Louisiana legislature passed Act 426 making significant changes to Louisiana’s state historic tax credit law, La. R.S. 47:6019, that real estate developers will view … More»

Louisiana Historic Tax Credits: What Developers Need to Know

To a real estate developer in Louisiana, state Historic Tax Credits (HTC) often times make the difference between a historic rehabilitation project being economically feasible as opposed to an undevelopable … More»

Steeg Law: Recent Transactions and Cases

Steeg Law attorneys are known for being able to handle unique and difficult real estate issues for virtually any type of property and have been involved in precedent-setting business litigation … More»

Steeg Law: Recent Transactions and Cases

Steeg Law attorneys are known for being able to handle unique and difficult real estate issues for virtually any type of property and have been involved in precedent-setting business litigation … More»

DDD Micro Grant Façade Program

Property owners and developers in Downtown New Orleans can get a little help with sprucing up the front of their buildings through the Downtown Development District Micro Grant Façade Program. … More»

2022 Emerging Trends in Real Estate

At the Urban Land Institute’s 2022 Emerging Trends in Real Estate Conference, presenters discussed recent trends in the real estate industry, impactful projects in Louisiana, and challenges and opportunities in … More»

Increased Flood Risk in Southeastern Louisiana: Consequences and Opportunities

A new study by the engineering firm Arup and the non-profit First Street Foundation contains important predictions about flooding that are of particular importance to real estate development in Southeastern … More»

2021 Real Estate Forecast Symposium Focuses on Pandemic Recovery and Climate

The 2021 Economic & Real Estate Symposium was recently held. The theme was “Rethinking Real Estate: Adapting to the Changing Dynamic in New Orleans and Louisiana,” and the presenters focused the … More»

Inclusionary Zoning Requirements Now in Effect in New Orleans

On July 1, 2021, Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced the start of the New Orleans’ Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning Housing Policy, a landmark change to the City’s zoning code that requires developers … More»

Servitudes Need Extra Care, but the Survey is Key

A recent case cited by the Louisiana Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit reveals several important things about servitudes. Why are servitudes important at all? They are a very … More»

Changes and Trends in Real Estate Due to COVID-19

As it has in virtually every aspect of our lives, Covid-19 has drastically accelerated trends in the field of real estate that were emerging slowly before the pandemic, and has … More»

Affordable Housing Perks and Pitfalls

In New Orleans affordable housing is currently a hot-button political issue that impacts many different aspects of the real estate world. Savvy developers and landowners should maintain a working knowledge … More»

Written Servitudes Must be Clear

Servitudes are making their way lately into quite a few cases being decided by the appeals courts of Louisiana. I recently wrote an article, “Apparent Servitudes: When Purchasing Property, Take … More»

Investors and Developers: Opportunity Zones and Co-Working Spaces

An article by Tom Acitelli that appeared in The New York Times on August 20, 2019, may be of interest to investors and developers. “How Opportunity Zones and Co-Working Spaces Joined … More»

How to Lose a Right-Of-Way (Servitude) or Avoid Doing So

A recent case, Clement v. Menard, illustrates the pitfalls to be avoided so that a person enjoying a right-of-way (servitude) over adjoining property does not inadvertently lose those rights. It … More»

State and Local Incentives for Real Estate Projects

As we start to see indicators of slower growth, and in turn, a softer real estate market, it may become increasingly difficult for developers to demonstrate project viability to lenders … More»

Report: ULI’s 2019 Emerging Trends in Real Estate Conference

Partner Robert Steeg attended the Urban Land Institute’s 10th Annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate conference, presented by IberiaBank, in January. Andy Warren of PricewaterhouseCoopers presented the 2019 Emerging Trends in … More»

Getting into the Zone: New Guidance on Opportunity Zones

When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed in late 2017, real estate developers and investors were thrilled to discover that it added new provisions to the Internal Revenue … More»

Apparent Servitudes: When Purchasing Property, Take Note Of What You See

A recent case, Naramore v. Aikman, decided by the Louisiana Court of Appeal for the First Circuit demonstrates some established but little known principles of Louisiana law that every person … More»

Case Alert: A Recent Decision by the Louisiana Supreme Court Will Interest Owners of Low Income Housing Developments

By Lillian E. Eyrich Williams v. Opportunity Homes, L.P.* is a recent decision by the Louisiana Supreme Court that will be of interest to people who own low-income housing developments, … More»

Pssst! Wanna See the Future of Real Estate? Here’s a Peek…

By Robert M. Steeg I just returned from the 2018 Advanced Commercial Leasing Institute at Georgetown Law School. This two-day intensive seminar is an invitation-only program for 140 attorneys from … More»

Historic Tax Credits: The Benefits, Process and Economic Impact

To a real estate developer, Federal Historic Tax Credits (HTC) are analogous to the exceptional bread Casamento’s or Domilise’s uses for their oyster po-boys and roast beef sandwiches. It is … More»

The Current State of License Fees for Air Rights in New Orleans

This article breaks down the current state of license fees for air rights in New Orleans. In many of New Orleans’ oldest (and densest) neighborhoods—particularly the French Quarter—buildings were built to … More»

The Difficult Matter of Batture in Residential and Commercial Land Titles

By David Martinez One of the many benefits of owning land in the State of Louisiana, both for residential and commercial purposes, is the proximity to major rivers and their … More»

Case Alert: Can You Sue (Or Be Sued By) Someone You Didn’t Have a Direct Contract With?

By Robert M. Steeg When a business transaction goes bad, can the person who has suffered a loss sue other persons involved in the transaction even though the injured person … More»

Louisiana Dominates the Southeast in Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Projects

By Robert M. Steeg If you are tired of hearing about how Louisiana ranks at or near the bottom of various categories of social and financial programs, you will be … More»

“What’s REALly Going On” in New Orleans Real Estate

Associate Zachary I. Rosenberg, an Associate with the transactional department, recently attended the Urban Land Institute’s 7th Annual “What’s ‘REAL’ly Going On” Conference at Purloo Restaurant in Central City, New … More»

Real Estate Markets and the Recovery: 10 Years Later and Beyond

Associate Zachary Rosenberg recently attended the 5th Annual Economic & Real Estate Forecast Symposium sponsored by Commercial Investment Division (CID), New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors (NOMAR), and the Louisiana … More»

Case Alert: A Shift in the Law May Have Significant Consequence for the Development of Property

By David Martinez In this article Senior Associate David A. Martinez clarifies a recent case, Boudreaux v. Cummings, which may signal a meaningful shift and restriction on the ability of … More»

New Laws That Impact Your Business: 2015 Louisiana Legislative Update

By Elise Henry The 2015 Louisiana Legislative Session, which began on April 13, 2015 and closed on June 11, 2015, resulted in the House filing 847 bills and the Senate … More»

Corporate Realty Publishes Third Annual Greater New Orleans Office Market Report

Corporate Realty, Inc. has just published their third annual Greater New Orleans Office Market Report, which lists basic occupancy and rental rate information for every non-medical office building greater than … More»

Economic Innovation in the “New” New Orleans: Stronger Than Ever

As reported in a recent article, “Economic Development in the “New” New Orleans,” posted on Area Development Site and Facility Planning online magazine, 10 years after Hurricane Katrina the economy … More»

Community-oriented Real Estate Development: A Complex But Growing Niche

The following article from, Times-Picayune, “How ReFresh Project, a post-Katrina milestone, built a healthy food hub, including Whole Foods,” highlights the complex but growing niche of community-oriented real estate … More»

Robert Steeg Weighs in on ULI Green Space Recommendations for Downtown Development District

The Downtown Development District (DDD) recently asked for input on green space from the Urban Land Institute Louisiana (ULI). In response, ULI met for two days in May to study … More»

New Orleans “Food Deserts” Present Development Opportunities and Financing Options

By Robert M. Steeg Some developers are taking advantage of a unique opportunity in New Orleans to develop fresh-food retailers in “food deserts,” areas that have little or no options … More»

Historic and New Markets Tax Credits – The Basics

By Robert Steeg With an abundance of historic properties throughout the city and dilapidated properties and parcels of land in low-income neighborhoods ripe for rehabilitation, many developers in New Orleans … More»

Developers and Access Servitude: Mean What You Say, Say What You Mean

Senior Associate David A. Martinez clarifies a recent case, Melkys Hernandez Santos and Arturo Santos v. Barataria Park, LLC and the Parish of Jefferson, which highlights why the creation of … More»

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