News Alert: FTC Bans Noncompete Clauses

On April 23 the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (the “FTC”) voted to ban noncompete clauses, which are typically used to block employees from leaving to work for competitors in the … More»

Avulsions Can Greatly Impact Property Ownership Claims

Those of us in the New Orleans metropolitan area think of the Mississippi River’s course as static, hemmed in by the federal levee system. The River meandering—or somehow changing course—is … More»

Anyone Can Buy a Good Home, But Good Neighbors Are Priceless

As the Chinese Proverb goes, “Anyone can buy a good home, but good neighbors are priceless.” But what if the home is in the French Quarter, famous (infamous?) for its bars, … More»

Pay Attention to the Wording of Contingency Language

Steeg Law attorney Richard Traina recently helped California buyers of New Orleans real estate avoid litigation alleging that the buyers breached the agreement to buy or sell. Transaction Contingent on … More»

I Can Bike, Run, or Walk on the Path Atop the Mississippi River Levee, Can’t I?

In the riparian land use case, West Baton Rouge Parish Council v. Tullier, the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal ruled on the constitutionality of the statute providing for bicycle … More»

How the Pandemic has Impacted Commercial Real Estate

Richard Traina recently attended the 2021 Economic & Real Estate Symposium. The theme was “Rethinking Real Estate: Adapting to the Changing Dynamic in New Orleans and Louisiana.” One of the … More»

Expanding a Servitude to Create an Expeditious Way to Access Property for Hurricane Protection

Associate Richard Traina clarifies a recent court ruling on a case about expanding a time-honored servitude to create a more expeditious and economical way to access property needed for hurricane protection. … More»