We appreciate your business goals

One of the cornerstones of Steeg Law’s legal practice is an appreciation of the business goals of our clients. We build long-term relationships with our clients, proactively looking for ways to help them do business and efficiently resolve their legal matters.

We tailor the extent and nature of our legal services to suit your business needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all process. It requires understanding the goals of each client and each transaction, especially the client’s tolerance for risk and the specifics of the transaction at hand.

In one instance, a client may be negotiating a deal that by its very nature must be concluded simply and without the usual measure of legal draftsmanship. In another, the client might be facing an extremely sophisticated party who is trying to find advantage in every possible provision, thus prompting the client to want a much more detailed and intensive level of “lawyering” on our part.

With decades of experience in commercial and residential real estate, real estate financing, commercial and residential title insurance, and commercial and business litigation throughout Greater New Orleans and the Gulf South, our attorneys have the practical experience and the service-oriented approach that enables us to understand the client’s goals and adjust our legal services accordingly.

In addition, we bring to the table an understanding of the business realities that the client faces and the hidden pitfalls that might require specific attention.

Last, we respect the truth behind the old adage: “Time Kills Deals.” All of our attorneys know that a timely response is important to our clients and is important to the transactions that they are trying to accomplish.

In the end, then, it is about more than academic competence and technical proficiency. Our lawyers have those attributes in abundance, having attended top law schools and having been well-trained in the technical aspects of what we do.

What sets us apart is our client’s eye view of your issues. We understand the larger goals and the business context of the transaction that our legal work is contributing to.

With best regards,

Robert M. Steeg
Managing Partner

Our Founder 

In 1972, founding partner, Moise S. Steeg, Jr., brought together a select group of talented lawyers who shared his dedication to his clients and passion for his profession.

Following his lead, Steeg Law’s attorneys, notaries and support staff, many of whom have been with the firm since its founding, have worked as a team on behalf of their real estate, commercial litigation, and title defense clients, with the sole purpose of finding ways to help them succeed in business and efficiently resolve their legal matters.

Moise Steeg set a standard for excellence in both the law and the community during his 72-year career. From the New Orleans Bar Association President’s Award to his receipt of the 2004 New Orleans Times-Picayune Loving Cup Man of the Year Award, he was highly recognized as both a legal and civic leader.

As a result, Steeg Law has established a long-standing reputation as a business firm that offers personal service, value and quality counsel to its many prestigious clients, and continues to honor Moise Steeg’s legacy in the community.